Highest Betting Limits Online

Highest Betting Limits Online

No online bookmaker accepts bigger bets than Pinnacle

Pinnacle stands out from the competition by consistently offering the highest maximum bet limits online, as well as the best lines. This has earned us the reputation as the bookmaker of choice for serious bettors. Not only are their limits the highest online, bettors can build positions with successive bets to increase their stake and therefore, potential winnings. You can re-bet up to the maximum limit – whether the price has changed or not – once a short period of time has elapsed. Pinnacle operates this policy across all sports and bet types offered.

Maximum betting limits vary depending on the particular sport, type of bet offered and the time relative to the start of the event. In general, the limits are highest for the most popular sports, typically increasing closer to start time, with the highest maximum limits available on the day of the event.

Pinnacle Betting Limits:


  • Handicap $30,000
  • 1×2 $10,000
  • Totals $20,000


  • Handicap $10,000
  • 1×2 $10,000
  • Totals $5,000


  • Handicap $30,000
  • 1×2 $30,000
  • Totals $30,000

Maximum betting limits are clearly displayed under the betting category for each match and are the same for all players.

Pinnacle’s Winners Welcome policy means that even if you consistently bet at the maximum limit and win, they won’t restrict you in any way. The combination of unbeatable odds, the highest limits and a Winners Welcome policy, provide a tailor-made service for serious bettors.

Low minimum deposits – small bettors welcome

Though their maximum betting limits are the highest online, recreational bettors are also welcome at Pinnacle. They offer minimum stake amounts of just $1 (or the equivalent in your local currency). And no matter how small your stake, you should still bet with the best odds available to get the biggest potential payout.

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Highest Betting Limits Online

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Pinnacle Betting Limits are the Highest Online!
Pinnacle stands out from the competition by consistently offering the highest betting limits online as well as the best odds anywhere. Join Pinnacle today!