During the dog days of summer, the sports offerings can be slim and baseball is the primary mode of action for the compulsive and casual gambler alike. Pinnacle sportsbook takes care of your baseball needs with both MLB and College World Series lines, overnight lines and excellent props.

Pinnacle Sportsbook Baseball Overnight Lines

Pinnacle internet baseball sportsbook offers overnight lines and not just the money line. Pinnacle comes at you with sides, totals and point buying a day in advance, letting you get the jump on matchups the night before. With baseball games being played at god knows what time in the morning or perhaps you live on the west coast and can’t get home in time for east coast specials, the Pinnacle overnight line lets you take care of business.

Pinnacle Baseball Sportsbook Offerings

Sides, totals and run lines aren’t the only way to take advantage of a baseball game at Pinnacle. You can slice the baseball game into two different parts, the first five innings and the last five innings, something that isn’t offered with most sportsbooks. A handy bet for shaky bullpens. You have futures, props and series wagers, as well as some unusual baseball promotional contests.

Pinnacle Sportsbook Baseball Grand Salami and World Series Pick 4

The Pinnacle Baseball Grand Salami will be decided by the total runs scored in all major-league baseball games scheduled for that day. All scheduled baseball games must go at least 8.5 innings. If any scheduled baseball game is canceled or stopped before the completion of 8.5 innings, all wagers on the Baseball Grand Salami will be canceled. No pitchers will be listed for the Pinnacle Grand Salami; all Pinnacle baseball wagers will have action regardless of the starting baseball pitchers. Each combination lists the exact order of finish of the final four Major League teams in the baseball playoffs, specified by the order of names as follows: The winner of the World Series, the loser of the World Series, the loser of the American League Championship Series, the loser of the National League Championship Series.

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